Buy Back Service

Buy Back Service
Cash it, Don’t trash !
If your device has drowned, broke down or stopped working or you simply felt like changing it, you can now exchange it with a gift voucher to buy any product from our store across the kingdom.

Terms and conditions:

1. Validity of the Gift voucher is 6 months from the date of trade in
2. Devices that eligible for exchange are: Mobile phones, Tablets, MP3,Players/ Ipods, Smart watches
3. We accept devices in all different conditions: broken/destroyed, totally damaged or even brand new.
4. For the trade in , we do not request any warranty, original packaging or device chargers
5. The IME or device serial number is required to complete the trade in process
6. The evaluation process takes 4 minutes. The customer trading in his/her device must be above 18 years of age and provide a copy of a valid identity card.
7. The transaction cannot be void following approval and issuance of gift voucher.
8. In the instance where devices are obsolete with no practical or financial value, we can dispose of them out of environmental concerns.
9. Devices which are not bought from Virgin Megastore are accepted. Original invoices are not required.
10. If the devices are old and obsolete with no usability or financial value, we can dispose of them for environmental concerns. Devices that are 6 years or older have a very low residual value.